we have born to serve the mankind

Our company is established in 2006 as Univision Construction & Maintenance Service. now it has been progress as Univision Engineering concept (PVT)Ltd.

Vast of experience and knowledge about civil construction and maintenance works were brought from Japan. The director abrade to Japan for his civil engineering degree for five years in year 2000. He returned to Sri Lanka with vast of working experience and knowledge.

The director, Company founder, Mr.S.A.Upul Chandana, does his duty with spiritual back ground. He has found the inner tranquility and solemnity in his entire life. Therefore he live with great pleasure always. So his aim is to serve the mankind and handover that great pleasure as far as possible. Real pleasure is the fundamental aim of the mankind. That pleasure cannot be found through thoughts, knowledge, money or other physical property. He thinks life is constant pleasure which must be discovered by man himself using his mental tool and awareness.  Without this pleasure, what ever any person does, will be failed. If somebody wants to construct others must be built own mind and inner construction. The secret of the real construction is pleasurable and empty mind. If somebody can cultivate that inner emptiness, he will be able to reveal the enlightenment of the life. That way has built thtough pure awareness. This is the universal vision any body must be found out his life. So this vision is the foundation of this company. That is why it has named “Univision


DIRECTOR – UPUL CHANDANA – 212/5A, St.Joseph’s street,

Grandpass,  Colombo 14. Hot line 0720 191 000, 0722394494

Office T.P.–   0112445575,

E-mail address – info@univisionengineering.com